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Release of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s Culture Strategy Report

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Posted on July 20, 2016.

The Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport released The Ontario Culture Strategy: Telling our stories, growing our economy. The PASO-OPSA Coalition would like to the thank the MTCS for accepting our feedback during the consultation process.

The report can be accessed here:


Release of PASO-OPSA’s Welcoming of the New Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport; The Honourable Minister Eleanor McMahon

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Posted on June 16, 2016.

We are thrilled to welcome Minister Eleanor McMahon as the new Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport! The PASO-OPSA Coalition looks forward to working with Minister McMahon to better represent the needs of artists and arts service organizations in Ontario.

More information about Minister McMahon can be found at her website: 

Release of PASO-OPSA’s Response to the Draft Culture Strategy Report

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Posted on May 13, 2016

PASO-OPSA Coalition released its response to the Draft Culture Strategy report… This response voices the feedback of PASO-OPSA’s 28 member organizations during the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s consultation period for their creation of the Culture Strategy report.

The response can be accessed here: PASO-OPSA Draft Culture Strategy Response

We invite your feedback in the comments section below.

Welcome back!

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Due to a malware attack back in April, the website was deactivated for a few months so that the PASO-OPSA Coalition could make security adjustments. We are happy to say we are back in action and will be updating the site with recent developments in the world of cultural policy in Ontario.

Leadership Reports Released!

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PASO-OPSA Coalition releases its Leadership Reports… The PASO-OPSA Coalition is proud to announce the release of its Leadership Reports. Titled Advocacy Models Report and ASO Sector Profile and Leadership Study, these reports feature important information obtained from the Executive Director and the elected President of the Board of Directors of arts service organizations in Ontario. These findings and statistics can be useful for grant writing and other proposals, and are relevant for use by other arts service and non-profit organizations.

The research and these reports were made possible through generous donations by PASO’s member organizations, especially the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG), as well as funding from the Cultural Development Fund and the Ontario Arts Council. Gerald Smith (First Stage), Heather Young (Young Associates) and Eric Dubeau were commissioned to carry out the research and analysis for this project.

The documents can be accessed here: ASO Sector Profile and Leadership Study, One size does not fit all and Models of Collective Arts Advocacy.

The Leadership Reports are also available in French. To obtain the French versions, please contact Lindsay Earnshaw, Advocacy Coordinator, at

We’d love to hear what you have to say, please leave feedback in the comments section.


PASO-OPSA Coalition publie des rapports de leadership… Le Coalition PASO-OPSA est fière d’annoncer la publication de ses rapports de leadership. Intitulés Étude sur la direction et le profil sectoriel des organismes de services aux arts et Modèles de défense collective des arts ces rapports comportent des informations importantes obtenues par le directeur administratif et le président du conseil d’administration d’organismes de services aux arts en Ontario. Ces résultats et les statistiques peuvent être utile pour la rédaction de demandes de subvention et d’autres propositions, et sont pertinents pour une utilisation par d’autres services aux arts et les organisations à but non lucratif.

La recherche et ces rapports ont été rendus possibles grâce à de généreux dons par les organisations membres de PASO-OPSA, en particulier l’Association des galeries d’art de l’Ontario (AOGA), ainsi que le Fonds de développement culturel et le Conseil des arts de l’Ontario. Gerald Smith (First Stage), Heather Young (Young Associates) et Eric Dubeau ont été chargés de mener à bien la recherche et l’analyse de ce projet.

Les documents peuvent être consultés ici (en anglais): ASO Sector Profile and Leadership Study, One size does not fit all et Models of Collective Arts Advocacy.

Les rapports de leadership sont disponibles en français. Pour obtenir les versions françaises, s’il vous plaît communiquer avec Lindsay Earnshaw, la coordonnatrice du plaidoyer, au

Nous aimerions entendre ce que vous avez à dire, laissez s’il vous plaît commentaires dans la section des commentaires.


PASO-OPSA hires an Advocacy Coordinator

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Advocacy Update

October 14, 2015

PASO-OPSA Coalition hires a new Advocacy Coordinator (Toronto)… The Provincial Arts Service Organization of Ontario is proud to announce that it has hired Lindsay Earnshaw in the position of Advocacy Coordinator. She has a background in legal administration and is a graduate of the Arts Administration and Cultural Management program at Humber College. She has worked with PASO previously during her internship at the Ontario Association of Art Galleries and is eager to continue her advocacy work. Lindsay is joining the coalition at an exciting time as the government begins to develop Ontario’s first culture strategy.

Lindsay’s prime objective  is to increase PASO-OPSA’s web presence through social media, and disseminate important advocacy information to a wide and engaged audience. Please feel free to contact her with any ideas and thoughts you may have about advancing the initiatives of  PASO-OPSA.

The Advocacy Coordinator will be in-office on Wednesdays and Thursdays and can be reached through or 416-408-4556 x15.

About the PASO-OPSA Coalition

PASO-OPSA is a Coalition of Provincial Arts Service Organizations that strives to strengthen the environment for the individuals and institutions that create and disseminate the arts in this province and for public access to the arts. Its collective memberships are made up of individual artists as well as the performance and exhibition organizations that create and support artistic expression. PASO-OPSA operates on the principle of voluntary contributions of time and travel from Coalition member organizations. Connect with PASO-OPSA by e-mailing Bruce Pitkin at: or 416-408-4556 x11. Rosslyn Jacob Edwards can be reached at:


Mise à jour de plaidoyer

14 octobre 2015

PASO-OPSA Coalition engage une coordonnatrice du plaidoyer (Toronto) … L’Organisation provinciale de services aux arts de l’Ontario est fier d’annoncer l’embauche de Lindsay Earnshaw au poste de Coordonnatrice du Plaidoyer. Elle a une formation en administration juridique et a un diplômé du programme d’administration des arts et la gestion culturelle au Collège Humber. Elle a travaillé avec PASO précédemment au cours de son stage à l’Association des galeries d’art de l’Ontario et est désireux de continuer son travail de plaidoyer. Lindsay se joint à la coalition à un moment excitant que le gouvernement commence à élaborer la première stratégie ontarienne pour la culture.

Une intention premiere de Lindsay est d’accroître la présence sur le Web de PASO-OPSA travers les médias sociaux, et diffuser des informations de sensibilisation important à un public large et engagée. S’il vous plaît sentir libre cours à son contact avec des idées et des pensées que vous pourriez avoir à propos de faire avancer les initiatives de paso-OPSA.

La Coordonnatrice du Plaidoyer sera au bureau tous les mercredis et jeudis. On peut la rejoindre par courriel, ou par telephone, 416-408-4556 x15.

A propos de la Coalition PASO-OPSA

PASO-OPSA est une coalition d’organismes de services artistiques provincial qui vise à renforcer l’environnement pour les individus et les institutions qui créent et diffusent les arts dans cette province et pour l’accès du public aux arts. Ses adhésions collectives sont composées d’artistes individuels ainsi que les des organismes de performance et d’expositions qui créent et soutiennent l’expression artistique. PASO-OPSA fonctionne sur le principe des contributions volontaires des membres de la Coalition. Vous pouvez rejoindre PASO-OPSA en envoyant un courriel à Bruce Pitkin, ou en le téléphonant au: 416-408-4556 x11. Vous pouvez rejoindre Rosslyn Jacob Edwards à

Ottawa Meeting 2015

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PASO Representatives Meet in Ottawa

This past 23rd of March, several PASO Representatives from both anglophone and francophone provincial arts service organizations met in Ottawa for the first time to engage in discussion about the coalition’s future endeavours and priorities.
The following day, a team of PASO representatives including Veronique Fortier, Yves Turbide, Ben Donoghue, Kristian Clarke, Lindsay Earnshaw, and Demetra Christakos, met with Stéphane Dion, PC, MP and effectively shared PASO’s agenda during the brief meeting.